status anxiety

at this time when I feel I can’t reach out to you, that tentative aims are rebuffed and rebuked with an irritable toss of the head -

I hope it goes well tomorrow, I have exam anxiety about giving flowers goodness

those words scar me like the boiling water you spilt on me


nineteen to twenty-six

nervy, so much so. ahh!


om lotus

allowing one to retreat into the inner peace which is always within


humans bare their incisors and roar with venomous vehemence

should we not instead retreat, be kind, and let go of ephemeral vengeance?

namaste expl


recognition and acceptance

wu wei

meritocracy of the liberal-minded and kind-hearted

I think it’s really creepy that a father would be so concerned with his daughters vagina. Why not teach her how to be strong and self reliant, to love herself, care about education, and not view herself as a body to be looked at, used and eventually owned by a man. Then, when it is time for sex, she will be making good decisions. He’s looking at her like she is his personal little princess – yuck!

“I’m wrong”



reflective evaluation

worth it?

a river

cascades of molten anguish

blending and crashing

cacophony of a symphony



we are all fooled

who am I to make a decision

and call it correct?

who am ‘I’ that is making the decision

what is correct?




stifled strangled stranglehold suffocated

some things are to be taken

I made my choice I’m going to waste a day

no seriously canberra talent check it

funny how things and non-things are so polarising

I think they’re just awful, but people seem to gobble up branding even when on frayed canvas

but yunno ain’t gon’ call ‘em out if I don’t want karma hollerin’

the idea of kissing booths always perplexed me

at its core, isn’t it a rudimentary incarnation of prostitution?

the vendor has no choice but to comply with the consumer’s demands provided financial remuneration

are prostitutes enabled to demand STI check-ups

it is my haven, how can I let you in

there is only space for me

why do I still feel like I’m in this teenager-stage/state-of-angst-and-rebellion

let me be god

Si puedes soñarlo, puedes hacerlo

if you can dream it, you can do it.

the musicians we were before we met

watercolour landscape tat


but love is not enough, I’ve learned

to see the journey through

love me lights out

but not yet


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